Album Review: Dr. Dog – Fate

February 6, 2009

Weaving rocks.

Concept: Fate bobs between merry pining for the past and bitter dread, while rushing through mottled pop-rock styles of the highest order.

Sound: To be crass, these are songs the Beatles forgot to write. The Philadelphia troupe has set up a rousing and almost perfectly balanced album, cycling its vocalists and instrumentation with each track to preserve and emphasize the value of each for the listener. Likewise, every song is composed of ideas that quickly speak their piece and faithfully transform.

Lyrics: Dr. Dog’s lyricism has the same kind of headstrong melancholy charm that has been so good to The Strokes. The words are simple but deceptively self-aware; listen long enough, and a stronger statement emerges. “Man, you ain’t like anybody else / As night becomes the sun to rise / As dirt becomes the butterflies / As sure as though it always seems to stay the same / And I’ll be waiting anxiously / And I’ll be falling fast asleep / And I’ll be dreaming of the day the dream died.

Quick And Dirty: Fate is too steady, clever, and accessible to disappoint. Go ahead. (♦♦♦♦½)


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