Album Review: Potluck – Pipe Dreams

February 6, 2009


Concept: If the innuendo didn’t hit you, it’s mostly about marijuana. Oh, and girls. Also, they take a stab at preaching positivism and a respectful can-do attitude. No, really.

Sound: One sample per track, perhaps two. It’s mostly synth and electric guitar, although occasionally some vocals and piano are inserted. At least they know to switch up the beats and tempo. Funny S**t and The Struggle actually have good variety. You’re not likely to get any ideas listening to the tunes overall.

Lyrics: If there’s good news, it’s that sometimes their rhymes are funny, mostly unintentionally. There is one stab at Mike Jones I had to smile at. It’s not as though there isn’t some creativity with the rhymes once in a while, like spotting bigfoot with a pair of 40s. There was a glimmer of skill in delivery during The Struggle. Anyway, somebody should have told these guys that if you’re going to put out a hip-hop album, the lyricism is pretty essential. A lot of people complain that it’s all posturing anyway, but being out of the loop on this kind of music I can give guys the benefit of the doubt. Except for these guys. I’m not even going to get into how they contradict themselves every twenty seconds for twenty-one goddamn tracks, or the song about looking for a girlfriend on the internet, so here’s some of the most hilariously confounding and desperate lines to impress upon you how serious the problem is:
*”So if you hot box hit it hard until it hurts / so I can get to the other side like lesbians trying to convert.
*”I never thought that it would end like this. / I never thought that you could pack your s**t. / … / leaving me lost, feeling the cost of being a boss. / … / I thought she was the one but I was so wrong. / Glad I don’t have a gun, I’d be so gone.
*”Drugs are bad they told us all. / We rolling like a bowling ball, / but it don’t matter, f*** them all. / Let’s get f****d up until we fall.
*”Every time I getta date, get h**h and show up late. / Baby I don’t need no r*****s cause I just shoot blanks. / I look like Jackie Chan or like I was from Japan. / I roll fat b****s, like me, cause I’m the man.
*”Ay yo battle y’all swagger frost from digital to analog. / My catalogue is deadlier than Portuguese Man-o’-wars. / You swimming with a killer shark I’m known for ripping s**t apart, / so get involved at TRISTATE.COM.

Quick And Dirty: If you actually like Kottonmouth Kings and Insane Clown Posse, congratulations, this is for you. (♦½)


One Response to “Album Review: Potluck – Pipe Dreams”

  1. bill said

    whoever wrote this is the biggest d bag and f***ing tard from hell!!

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