Album Review: Lights Out Asia – Eyes Like Brontide

March 1, 2009

Artist: Lights Out Asia
Album: Eyes Like Brontide
Released: n5md Records, 2008
Reviewer: Robert Lennon

“Eyes Like Brontide” is difficult to classify into any single genre of music. It is a combination of post rock and shoegaze that doesn’t show up very often. The trio flex their muscles in this release, delivering well-constructed and enveloping music that sweeps the listener away.

The music in this album is driven very much by heavy use of electronic drums, somewhat in the vein of 65daysofstatic. But the band balances that out with lush guitar playing, preventing the album from feeling like it was set up in GarageBand. The musical thrusts are spacey, with piano present to give weight. The album is subdued for the most, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. The final song “Six Points of Fire”, is intense, and eventually climaxes, but in such a way that feels natural to the song. There isn’t much here lyrically, but Chris Schafer’s voice blends very well with the music. I just wish he would sing more. In the song “Radars Over the Ghosts of Chernobyl”, when he sings “can you save yourself?” you get the impression that whoever he’s singing to can’t. The album itself plays on themes from the Cold War, and does it well, not falling into the traps of easy-politicizing. But songs like “MIR” and “The Wrong Message Could End You” get the point across.

If you’re looking for a well-crafted post-rock album, look no further. A fantastic blend of space-rock and electronic beats carries this album far. I would recommend this album highly.

Lights Out Asia is:
Mike Ystad: Electronics
Chris Schafer: Guitar, Vocals
Mike Rush: Guitar, Bass


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