Album Review: Sleepy Eyes of Death – Dark Signals EP

July 8, 2009

Artist: Sleepy Eyes of Death
Album: Dark Signals EP
Released: Sleep Capsule & Mass Mvmnt (dist.), 2009

Dark Signals EP

Dark Signals is a collection of very good electronic tracks. Synthesizers tweedle and moan, guitars are distorted, and the drum line is intense in each of the songs. In the second track “Final Heart Beats Black” the band experiments with some heavily modified vocals. “Pierce the Air” adds synth layers together like a cake, with the guitarist coming in every now and again to remind you the rest of the band is there, while “Metastatic” lets the drum take control here and there.

The music, just beyond its structure, is very unique. Being a fan of electronic myself, Sleepy Eyes of Death has a one-of-a-kind sound that I’ve yet to run across elsewhere. The music is intensely visual (apparently their live shows have fantastic lights), even if the images are more impressions than fleshed out drawings.

If you’re looking for some good electronic beats, grab this one, it will not disappoint.
Stand Out Tracks: Shattered Limbs, Final Heart Beats Black

Sleepy Eyes of Death is:
Keith – moog, roland, beats, programming
Brandon – industrial light and magic
Cassidy – gibson
J Andrew – korg, fender, sampler, vocoder
Joel – moog, roland, beats, vocoder


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