Album Review: The Monroe Transfer – I Dreamt I Was A Hammer and Everything Was Glass

July 8, 2009

Artist: The Monroe Transfer
Album: I Dreamt I Was A Hammer and Everything Was Glass
Released: 2009

The Monroe Transfer’s seventh album, comprising of a single song. Clocking in at about 20 minutes, I suppose you could more accurately call it an EP.

Now, I could have sworn that I’d heard this song before. What’s that? Long intro, starting off with a lonely violin, with another instrument coming in as time goes by? Wacky 7/4 time signature when the song ACTUALLY begins(at about the 11 minute mark)? A climax that wants to blow the listener off their feet?
Wait a second… That’s EVERY SECOND-RATE POST ROCK BAND IN THE WORLD. I swear to God, it’s like all these people think that if they just drag the song on forever it’ll reach the same level of intensity as “The Dead Flag Blues,” or that if they have strings, it makes them a better band.

What makes it worse, is that when the band actually gets into the song, when everybody’s got the groove, it’s actually pretty decent! But those 5 minutes are drowned out by the far, far, far too long intro, and a section right before the end that sounds like an outtake from Syd Barret-era Pink Floyd. So I know they have skill!

Disappointing. I guess if you’re a hardcore fan of the Godspeed You! Black Emperor style post rock, and have everything else remotely similar to it, and NEED something new, go ahead.

The Monroe Transfer is:
Rhiannon Armstrong – violin
Neil Walsh – viola
Nicole Robson – ‘cello
Nick Gill – electric guitar
Dave O’Brien – double bass
Martin Austwick – electric guitar
Ed Howard – drums


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