Album Review: The Dead Weather – Horehound

July 14, 2009

Seven days.

Concept: Jack White and a guitarist from Queens Of The Stone Age with two other people. Sounds awesome, right?

Sound: Jack White’s on drums. He can’t sing and play drums at the same time, although his skills on a kit are adequate. The vocalist is the gal from The Kills, Alison Mosshart. She’s not so great, trying too hard and giving too little. When the guitar is good, it’s awesome, dropping all kinds of bulgy inhuman art rock effects like you would expect from a fellow that worked with Josh Homme. Most of the time, though, it regresses to the most negative aspect of QOTSA‘s style: repetition. Also, most of the solos are your dad’s rock solos, and virtually every song is just a little too long for the material it offers. The album is trying to be swampy and sinister, and it comes off more often than not like a starving roadside rock act.

Lyrics: Wouldn’t you know it, White, who is clearly the eminent lyricist of the group, only wrote one song. It shows. Most of this material could have been pulled from a censored AC/DC songbook, except for the Bob Dylan cover thrown in the middle.

Quick And Dirty: Stretched and disappointing. It just makes you wish the band’s more famous members were working on their own new albums instead. Also, has anyone noticed that Jack White is slowly transforming from Leonardo Di Caprio into Tina Turner?

Oh, dear Lord.



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