Album Review: Conelrad – Sure Is The Risk Made

August 16, 2009

Artist: Conelrad
Album: Sure Is The Risk Made
Released: 2009
Sure Is The Risk Made

Conelrad, an electronic musician whose sound is heavily influenced by the Cold War, has been busy the past 2 years since the release of his first LP “Function Creep.” He has really refined his sound, making more sophisticated music, sometimes much darker than his earlier releases.

The album is quite diverse in its sounds, from the somewhat pop “Up Periscope” to the dark and boding “Paternoster.” Some songs use voice samples, such as “Samantha Smith” and “Sure Is The Risk Made.” Unfortunately, Conelrad brings in vocoder lyrics much less than in “Function Creep,” though they made some of those songs fantastic.

And while the songs may be diverse, they really do work together as an artistic whole, that is, as an album. Which is really one of the most important things for me. If an album is just a collection of songs, with no bearing on each other, why did you release them together? Apathy? Laziness? As a vehicle for the hit single? Conelrad however has made a fine ALBUM, with a theme that is communicated through each song. Considering his name comes from the precursor to the Emergency Broadcast System, CONELRAD, you should be able to kind of figure out what it is.

Great beats, fantastic guitars, and interesting use of electronics. Pick this one up!

You can download the full album for free here, and you can also download the rest of Conelrad’s discography at the same site.


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