Album Review: Mew – No More Stories

August 28, 2009

...continuing their tradition of the worst cover art in music history...

Concept: Mew tries to make alienation pleasant.

Sound: The similarity to mainstream pop is undeniable — airy, boyish vocalists, synth stew, moseying surf guitar progressions. What Mew does differently is make its songs almost linear. There is very little reprise; the songs never seem to stop changing into something else. This takes its toll, however. There is never a sense of climax or resolution. At its best the band is a lesser Radiohead, with unconventional organization in familiar instrumentation and meter, but their sound remains fixed in a combination of Enya and Dashboard Confessional.

Lyrics: Still lost in an impressionist adolescence. Incomplete sentences with yearning content speak like a broken cellphone blinking on the floor of a high school hallway after hours.

Quick And Dirty: Articulate but unambitious post-rock with lyrics. (♦♦♦)


3 Responses to “Album Review: Mew – No More Stories”

  1. hurrrrr said

    post rock?

    a lesser radiohead?

    enya and dashboard?

    fail fail and fail.

  2. Keir said

    I disagree with the review.

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