Album Review: Rodrigo Y Gabriela – 11:11

September 6, 2009

Make a wish.

Concept: The popular duet group establishes a tribute to Hindu and Mesoamerican mythologies and the notion of synchronicity.

Sound: Rodrigo and Gabriela are proof that ‘genre-bending’ doesn’t have to be some nearly unapproachable process of trial-and-error, having in their last album incorporated metal, classical, and Mexican folk into percussive acoustic guitar pieces. They disavow any Flamenco influence, asserting it is a difficult and distinct art form that they have no experience with, but that doesn’t necessarily discredit the comparison. This album’s weak points are the studio attempts to embellish more styles into the work. Turntable scratching, electric effects, and fades into the background of stock sound loops are all functional, but they’re not really doing anything except interrupting the pieces to announce the opportunity. Their technique is certainly improving, taking the time to engage new rhythms and an even quicker pace while playing through persian scales and the like (without hitting a cliche *gasp*). This is by no means a rehashing of their previous success; the group is still exploring.

Lyrics: None

Quick And Dirty: Once again, a valuable addition to just about any music library. (♦♦♦♦)


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