Album Review: The Clientele – Bonfires On The Heath

September 6, 2009

Flower power.

Concept: British band promote the modern history of their musical and lyrical roots.

Sound: The Clientele try to touch on a couple forms of the oldies; funk, 60’s rock, and both fast and slow psychedelic tunes inhabit the album. There’s nothing new about it (nobody needs to be reminded that Pink Floyd or The Beatles existed) but it is well performed and there isn’t much to be called outright plagiarism in the songwriting.

Lyrics: This grants the album its boost. Relaxed and meditative, The Clientele merely observe cities, fields, and their strange intermingling, with thorough yet vague description of both the landscapes and themselves. This is the right kind of tribute to make; the movements of the past are dead, but their spirits cloak adolescent empire and its exploits, numb to cruelty and fear.

Quick And Dirty: Comfortable and studied jams that display faith and compassion. (♦♦♦½)


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