Album Review: Mount Eerie – Wind’s Poem

September 9, 2009


Concept: Phil Elverum goes metal and talks to the wind. The wind doesn’t hear.

Sound: In lieu of motion or depth, Elverum tries to characterize wind with soft dirges and scathing metal guitar effects. While some of the heavier tracks have nice harmony and off kilter drumming that brings to mind the electronic kit work of Ghengis Tron, there isn’t ever a very smooth transition between the two extremes, and Elverum’s (boring) vocals go from overpowering to inaudible accordingly. You can certainly see what he was trying to do –return metal to its original purpose of representing supernatural voice amidst a trancelike, meditative position — and it’s a cool idea, but maybe the metal sound he’s going for is too synonymous with gore-strewn hyperbole to fit with most listeners. Good sounds can still be ruined by poor pacing.

Lyrics: Although Phil’s relative wisdom and poetic imagery are notable, they aren’t well presented in the song structures he’s designed. His sometimes wordy abstract descriptions flop over the chord progressions, and unfortunately he’s occasionally a little too ‘meta’ for his own good, like when he talks about how even force and the hereafter will be dust on the wind. This particular notion (the wind’s going to wear everything away, and then we’re in it) is a key presence that becomes very way too extra overemphasized.

Quick And Dirty: The concept, stylistic approaches, and thoughts presented are all good. It’s the synthesis of these things where everything goes wrong. (♦♦♦)


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