Album Review: Maninkari – Un Souffle De Voix

September 12, 2009

The perfect paperweight for that special someone.

Concept: French postrockers show everybody how it’s done.

Sound: Alright, it’s not really postrock, nor is it ambient, nor shoegaze. You can certainly see all the elements of these in their music, though. Violins can get a bad rap outside of classical music, but here they’ve taken the foreground as harsh, dry, swarming devils. The drummer is deliberately ever so slightly out of sync, which adds to the tension of the tracks. The most notable influence might actually be chant, with a few choral arrangements, alternative percussion (telephone bells, cans, chimes), and synthesized overtones stepping in to circulate even more dissonance through the album. The result is a meticulous, sinister coiling of alternative rock’s instrumental underdogs into the form of a convulsing hand stretched mechanically towards the listener.

Lyrics: Scattered dialogues in French, and English records of psychological studies.

Quick And Dirty: The quiet, twisted voice in the back of your head. Use sparingly. (♦♦♦♦)


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