KJNB Vault Album Review: Trotsky Icepick – Carpetbomb The Riff (1993)

September 19, 2009

Look what my camera can do! Dude, quit touching it, this cost $60.

Concept: The second to last album for the 90’s indie rockers.

Sound: The guitarists are pretty worthless, as are the vocalists, but the bassist and drummer have taken off the white gloves and are beating the ever-loving hooey out of this recording. As a band they sound like they’ve lost the ambition to be anything besides Talking Heads rip-offs. Scratch the majority of potential audiences.

Lyrics: Just bad. Blunt, tactless, and trite. They’re trying to be political, but they achieve the same threadbare points as any hackjob punk group using three times as many words.

Quick And Dirty: Should you play in the rhythm section of a local band, this might give you a fresh take on the same old same old. Otherwise, there’s just no point to this album. (♦♦♦)


One Response to “KJNB Vault Album Review: Trotsky Icepick – Carpetbomb The Riff (1993)”

  1. Kevin T. Springer said

    Band name must be a reference to the fact that Trotsky was actually killed by an icepick…or wait was it a mountain-climbers’ axe?


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