KJNB Vault Album Review: The Pooh Sticks – Million Seller (1993)

September 20, 2009


Concept: Why the hellll would you ever name your band this? Okay, now that that’s out of my system, it’s about being a regular joe with visions of grandeur.

Sound: Pop rock. Did I miss something? There are some very catchy riffs and vocal harmonies. I think that’s it.

Lyrics: With each track so mercifully short (1-3 minutes,) there’s no time to be irritated by the lyricism. A lot of it is actually pretty cute, from the understated adolescent anxiety to the way the frontman occasionally rushes to fit the line into the end of the chord progression after stalling dramatically for the last few bars (sometimes/I begin to think that we’d lost you/don’tyouknowthatyouusedtomakeme maaaaad). The second to last track is an exceptional so-bad-it’s-good masterpiece.

Quick And Dirty: Damn it, I like it. I have no idea how this happened. (♦♦♦½)


One Response to “KJNB Vault Album Review: The Pooh Sticks – Million Seller (1993)”

  1. MJmcnult said

    Million Seller is a gentle poke at the indy music scene of the time. Although it is only half-serious, it just happens to be a power-pop masterpiece. Hue Williams and Steven Gregory were the band. The rest is mythology. I really want to get the word out about this band, so please check out my Youtube videos of the Pooh Sticks under MJmcnult or TheRamonian.

    And yes, the name sucks and it may be why they never made it!


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