Album Review: Converge – Axe To Fall

October 24, 2009

Axe To Fall

Concept: Thrash metal group comes back from some brainstorming with several guests from similar acts.

Sound: Although the majority of the tracks are up-tempo and under three minutes, the album feels slow. The mixing puts the elaborate lead riffs in the back, and the rhythm guitar filler is pretty conventional. The comfortable fit for cameo vocals and guitar from Hatebreed, Neurosis, Genghis Tron, Pygmy Lush, The Red Chord, Blacklisted, and others only emphasizes the monotony of the genre, and the distinctions each group could present only push Converge further and further into the background of the album.

Lyrics: Doom and gloom cliches that somehow fail to cooperate. Even though the album quickly wears itself out, no central point is exposed.

Quick And Dirty: Despite every conventional indicator of a ‘big break’ for a successful and enduring act, this album lacks any enduring sound or image. (♦♦♦)


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