Album Review: Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles 2

June 8, 2010

Concept: The much hyped and anticipated second album of the Canadian electronic dance group.

Sound: Strangely inconsistent. A lot of the album is quite unspectacular, and then it begrudgingly kicks into full house party mode. Where does the power go in between the tailored smash hits? While composer/producer Ethan Kath must be credited for the fuzzy, delirious drives on the big tracks, Alice Glass’ ferocious voice provides the decisive overkill. If you’re one of those people who was dissapointed by the conspicuous absence of Nick Zinner’s chilling guitar on Yeah Yeah Yeah’s It’s Blitz!, not to mention the general persistence of Karen O O O‘s problem problem problem with chanting chanting chanting, this might be adequate recourse, although Crystal Castles’ live performance is nowhere near as energizing or flamboyant and far less attractive than its recordings. I understand the categorical divides between the two groups, but they clearly reach for much of the same appeal. With that said, Crystal Castles 2, when it’s ready to go, has an ideal blend of eerie gothic edge and midnight rave intensity.

Lyrics: Thankfully inaudible, they range from innocuously vague to childishly morbid to genuinely morbid. Mostly the first two.

Quick And Dirty: Venturing a guess here by memory — six of the album’s fourteen tracks are winners, although possibly more suitable for getting psyched about nothing on a rainy day or straight up losing your mind on the dancefloor than actually dancing. (♦♦♦♦)


2 Responses to “Album Review: Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles 2”

  1. Jake said

    Lame review. YYY try to be a mainstream pop band and fail while CC seem to bring back the feeling of Joy Divison and New Order without even trying. Album made more sense after hearing it a few times. At first I thought wtf but now I can’t let go of it.

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